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About this blog: Recently created blog written by an aspiring technology enthusiast and software developer.

Why software development?

First and foremost I love technology and being a part of its progress. But there’s a better way of putting it: “It’s not simply working on what it is you love, it’s more so being obsessed with solving something that is important to you”, and that’s what being a software developer allows me to do. Some people are driven by big numbers following a dollar sign but that’s just not me. I’m driven by how I wish to spend my time or, in other words, how I wish to live. Martin Fowler of ThoughtWorks (a global software development company) compares his companies revenues to Oxygen, a similar comparison can be made with regards to personal income: Money is like Oxygen, sure we need it to live, but we don’t live for it.¬†

Another reason that being a software developer is something to strive for is that the majority of people society don’t really appreciate the flow of new technologies that emerge so rapidly. Most of the time it’s taken for granted and as a developer you get to really understand technology and be in the centre of its magic. Also, it lets you be creative. We all want to have that space for creativity, don’t we? Some people paint, some sing, and well, my voice isn’t exactly angelic! Besides, even if it was I think I’d still be geeking out behind a keyboard. Just having the ability to imagine something, design it and then implement my skills in order to create it truly is an awesome feeling.


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